Uniq, Dress Your Gadget.

Uniq is known for its series of functionally stylish phone and tablet accessories, bags, and travel essentials to ensure you stay in style, whether at home or away. The mobile generation of today is a multi-tasker, and every Uniq case is designed to fit right in. With each Uniq case, you’re not just encasing your phone in a protective sheath, but uncovering a suite of carefully curated features created with you, the user, in mind. Whether it’s a crystal-embelished case, a multi-functional slim case with hidden traveler kit, or a water resistant tote, you will find that each Uniq product is designed around usable simplicity. Why? Because we believe that every user is an individual with his or her own adventure to explore, and a cleverly designed accessory lets you do just that.

Dress your gadget, only in the best.